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A Day At the Beach

Submitted by Shannon Swiney on Tue, the 8th of July, 2003, 8:43 pm

One day a man decides to go to the beach. Not just any beach,
but a nudist beach. After he arrives, he finds a soft patch of
sand, lays out his towel, and settles in, reading a magazine.
Five minutes later, a young boy of about five, walks over and
asks: " What is that? The man, startled by the shrill voice,
answered, obviously annoyed, " That is my duck. The boy
replies, " Can I play with her? The man goes, " No, go away.
Another five minutes pass, and the boy returns to him, asking a
similar-yet-different question: " What are those? The man rolls
his eyes and says, " Those are the duck's eggs. The boy asks,
" Can I play with them? The man says again, " No, go away! Yet
another five minutes pass, and the boy comes back. " What is that
hairy thing?, he asks. The man begrudgingly says, " That is the
duck's nest. The boy asks, " Can I play with- " But the man
interrupts him. " NO, would you go away, I need to take a nap!
So the boy leaves, and the man falls fast asleep.

He wakes up in the hospital, freaking out that he is there,
because he is not sick, grabs a nurse. " What in blue blazes am
I doing here, he yells. The nurse says, " I don't know, why
don't you ask the little boy, he was there the whole time. He
grabs the boy and asks angrily, " What have you done to me? Why
am I here?

The boy innocently replies, " Well, you fell asleep, so I figured
you wouldn't mind if I played with your duck. So I played with
him until he spat on me, so I broke her neck, cracked her eggs,
and burnt her nest!

Hmm. I wonder how he was raised...

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