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Jesus And God

Submitted by Andre Cardinal on Tue, the 3rd of May, 2005, 8:33 pm

Jesus and god were playing golf. They come to a long par 5 with
trees and sand traps everywhere. Jesus hits a beautiful shot
straight down the fairway and it lands perfect. God steps up and
hits one off a tree and into a pond. All of a sudden a fish gets

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The preist and Golfer

Submitted by Azrael Muadhen on Thu, the 30th of January, 2003, 6:11 pm

A preist and a golfer are both members of the City Golf club.
One Saturday they go there to play against each other. They get
to the 8 th hole of a 1 0 hole pitch and the preist is winning.

So the golfer needs to get the next 1 under par.

The golfer hits the ball and misses. So he shouted, " God damn
it, missed the bugger ".
The preist says , If...

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Golfer Priest

Submitted by barbara coleman on Mon, the 25th of September, 2000, 3:50 pm

There was once this priest who noticed that most of the people
in his congregation were missing, after the service he asked
around and found that they were all golfing. In responce the
priest told everybody that golfing on Sunday was a real sin and
shouldn't be done, that made everyone really ashamed so that
they all showed up next Sunday.
But it turned out that the priest was a golf nut himself and he
figured that with everyone in church he could have the whole
golf place to himself, so he called in sick on Sunday and went
Some angels in heaven saw this and went to god asking if he was
going to punish...

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Skipping Church to Go Golfing

Submitted by sarah fame on Sun, the 13th of July, 2003, 6:20 pm

There once was a vicar who loved to golf. One Sunday he decided
to skip church and play golf. So he phoned the church and said
he was ill. He then went to the golf club far away from town,
and started to play.

There was an angel above watching him. The angel said to god,...

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Minister's Touch with Screaming Kid

Submitted by daringdipshit on Sat, the 28th of April, 2001, 10:02 am

On a crowded airliner a five-year-old boy is throwing a wild
temper tantrum. No matter what his frustrated, embarrassed
mother does to try to calm him down, the boy continues to scream
furiously and kick the seats around him.

Suddenly, from the rear of the plane, an elderly minister slowly
walks forward up the aisle. Stopping the flustered mother with
an upraised hand, the minister leans down and whispers something
into the boy's ear. Instantly, the boy calms down, gently takes...

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Submitted by frank a magallanes on Wed, the 1st of June, 2005, 7:37 pm

Why is noel named noel if there is an L in noel?

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Holy Christmas

Submitted by Melissa Pena on Fri, the 28th of November, 2003, 4:15 am

Q. What's the diffrence between preachers and Christmas trees?

A. They both have balls but just for decoration

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Eve's Swim

Submitted by Mathman2 on Wed, the 27th of September, 2000, 2:35 am

Adam and Eve had just eaten the Forbidden Fruit! Adam looked at
Eve, Eve looked at Adam, In the blink of an eye they were at it
like rabbits!

Afterwards Adam laid back and started to snooze ( it's biological
girls, honest!. Eve, feeling hot and bothered, went down to the
ocean for a refreshing bath.

After a while God apeared to Adam, " Hi Adam what's new...

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Father Cuthbert

Submitted by Anton Ko on Fri, the 30th of May, 2003, 1:02 pm

Father Cuthbert was the vicar at St Martha's church, so the
congregation was sad to hear that he would be going on holiday
for a month. On the other, they were happy that he left his
right-hand-man, Father Ted in charge. Father Cuthbert gave him
his instructions, then set off on holiday. Father Ted did his
sermon the next morning, and it was a great success. At the end
he said " If anyone has committed any sins, come to me, and I
will forgive you. A woman stepped up and said " I've stolen some
money from a shop "
" For that, you must say three Hail Mary's....

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In the Garden of Eden...

Submitted by kyle loucas on Wed, the 20th of March, 2002, 11:16 pm

One day in the garden of Eden, Adam said, " God, I am lonely. So
God said, " Adam, I will create for you a woman. " What's a
woman? asked Adam. " She is a beautiful creature with whom you
can love and have a family, God replied. He sent down Eve and
told Adam and her to go off and fall in love.

A little while later, Adam came back to God. " God? How do I fall
in love with Eve? he asked. " Spend lots of time with her, said

Adam came back the next day and asked, " God? How do I tell Eve I...

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