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Lorena Bobbit in Car Accident

Submitted by CrazyBaby on Mon, the 14th of October, 2002, 10:02 am

Did you hear? Lorena Bobbit was killed in a car accident.

Some dick cut her off!

Princess Diana's Dandruff

Submitted by Its All Good on Sat, the 26th of October, 2002, 8:04 am

How do you know Princess Diana didn't have dandruff?

They found " Head and Shoulders " on the wind shield.

Jesus is Watching

Submitted by Herman on Sat, the 14th of October, 2000, 4:59 pm

One night a Burglar breaks into a house, he's looking around for
something good to steal when in a faint voice he hear's, " Jesus
is watching you. It startled him and he looked around to see if
someone was there, he didn't see anyone. He stumbled across a
stereo that looked pretty nice, and while shoving it into his
bag he hear's again, " Jesus is...

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I Cheated to Get to Heaven

Submitted by Aimeekat on Thu, the 8th of March, 2001, 8:39 am

Three men die at the same time and are standing at the pearly
white gates. St. Peter says " Guys, I never thought I'd say this,
but, Hell's getting too full. So, you were headed to Hell, but
we'll let you into Heaven if you can undertake a painful
situation for 1 0 years.

The first guy says, " I don't really want to go to Hell. How
about if you light my right hand on fire? So the guy's hand is
lit on fire and he runs off screaming.

The second guy says, " I suppose I can take something lit on
fire. How about you light my left foot on fire? So his left
foot is lit on fire, and he runs off screaming.

The third guy says " Aww, I can do better than that! Light my
penis on fire!

St. Peter asks, " Are you sure you really want...

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John Bobbit's Dick

Submitted by Ciara Blaze on Mon, the 24th of September, 2001, 4:19 pm

Lorraina Bobbit was really very upset at the actions of her
husband so she cut off his penis. Below is the part of the story
that you may not have heard yet....

After she cut his dick off, she left the house with his cock in
hand. She got in her car and headed down the highway. Realizing
what she had done, and realizing that she still had the swollen
bloody cock of her...

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