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The Red Shirt

Submitted by Cher_94 on Sun, the 22nd of June, 2003, 10:26 pm

A pirate ship was one day being attacked by another ship. The
crew saw this and immediatly notified the captain. " Captain!
they said, " there is an enemy ship approaching! " Very well, he
replied, " bring me my red shirt and we shall go into battle.
The crew obeyed and they fought a long battle and finally won.
The next day the crew approached the captain. " Captain! they
exclaimed, " there are two enemy ships approaching! " Very well,
he said, " bring me my red shirt and we will proceed into
battle. Once again the crew brought him his shirt and they
fought an extremely long battle but finally won. That night they
were celebrating when one of the crew came up to the captain and
asked him why he always asked for his red shirt when a battle
came about. " Well, the captain explained, " if I get wounded in
battle the blood will blend in with the shirt and everyone won't
know i was wounded, keeping their morral high. " Oh I see, the
crewman replied, and the celebration continued. The next day the
crew approached the captain. " Captain, there are 1 0 enemy ships
approaching, they said. The captain turned pale and replied,
" Crew, bring me my brown pants!

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