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Flat Chest

Submitted by Political jokes on Thu, the 7th of September, 2000, 1:23 am

roses are red,
tires ae black,
why is your chest
as flat as your back?

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Submitted by Queen Leef on Fri, the 1st of September, 2000, 5:04 pm

What is the difference between an indian girl and a walrus?

One tooth!

( category: insults -> other )

osama bin ladan on rolar skates

Submitted by Idallis on Thu, the 30th of September, 2004, 11:41 pm

what do u call osamaa bin ladan on roller skates?
a weely bin!

( category: insults -> other )

u smell

Submitted by Jennifer Sisneros on Wed, the 21st of July, 2004, 3:23 am

u r so smelly that u scare skunks away

( category: insults -> other )

he's got so many pimples

Submitted by Andre Cardinal on Wed, the 24th of September, 2003, 6:41 am

he's got so many pimples on his face. one day i ran away becaues
i thought he was a cheetah and i'm still not sure today.

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Doctor Doctor

Submitted by Stefani Malik on Tue, the 10th of October, 2000, 11:23 am

doctor doctor what is it santa i have a mince pie stuck up my
arse oh let me have a look at it oh all you need is some cream
for it.

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bin laden and sex

Submitted by Tsango on Fri, the 11th of October, 2002, 12:31 pm

osama bin laden has 5 wives and do you want to know why he
never had sex with them?...

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G dawg

Submitted by Sujman LoveGrove on Wed, the 3rd of March, 2004, 3:21 pm

~ ~ I know why they put the G infront of the dog / dawg.....

..... Because they mean the one with the G in it. laugh ) ~ ~

( category: insults -> other )

You're So Ugly

Submitted by brandi on Sun, the 26th of June, 2005, 10:26 am

You're So Ugly When You Die You'll Have To Be Turned In To

( category: insults -> other )

What is the difference between roadkill and a dead

Submitted by Kristina L Bahn on Sun, the 3rd of February, 2002, 4:31 am

There's skidmarks infront of the roadkill!!

( category: insults -> other )
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