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Niagra? Viagra?

Submitted by Prankster Jake on Mon, the 11th of August, 2003, 12:04 pm

What is the differance between Niagra and Viagra?
One goes up and the onter goes down.

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10 Fun Things To Do At a Nursing Home

Submitted by Jessica R Patterson on Wed, the 24th of November, 2004, 7:16 am

1. Throw a suprise party for a man turning 9 0.
2. Feed them pepperoni pizza abd soda at lunch.
3. Start an orge at 8: 0 at night.
4. Make them watch Temtaion Island.
5. Give them all Gameboys....

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Three Deaf Men

Submitted by jake hatesworth on Sun, the 10th of June, 2001, 11:19 pm

Three hard-of-hearing men were sitting on a bench. " Windy, isn't
it? said one. " No, it's Thursday. said the other. " So am I,
said the third. " Let's go have some tea.

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Old Lady and Her Coins

Submitted by Big Dadddy on Wed, the 19th of February, 2003, 4:43 pm

An old lady was waiting for the bus. Because she had been mugged
so many times on the street she kept all of her money in her
underpants. When the bus finally came she dug...

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Titanium Legs

Submitted by bugzaboo on Thu, the 23rd of September, 2004, 11:16 pm

There was an old lady with titanium legs walking down the beach
on her 1 0 0 th birthday. She walked by a surfer guy and said "
I've never been fucked...

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old lady says "f*ck"

Submitted by Nolan B on Sun, the 25th of July, 2004, 4:59 pm

How do you get an 8 0 year old lady to say " fuck "?

Get another 8 0 year old lady to yell " Bingo "

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Top Ten Signs You That You're Really Old

Submitted by Smiley Gal on Tue, the 29th of April, 2003, 11:10 am

1 0. You can play connect-the-dots on your liver spots.

9. Went to an antique auction... three people bid on you.

8. Used to put cream in your coffee; now you use formaldehyde.

7. You knew Alexander the Great when he was just mediocre.

6. Still growing hair, but only only in your nose....

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Old Bloke at the Movies

Submitted by Scott Richey on Sun, the 13th of October, 2002, 11:20 pm

A young couple smell something while watching a movie together.
So the young bloke taps an old bloke beside him on the shoulder
and says, " Ay, old fulla, did you shit yourself?

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The Flasher

Submitted by Japeloup on Sat, the 24th of July, 2004, 10:16 pm

One day two old ladys were sitting on a bench at the town park
when a flasher walks up and flashes them. One old lady has a
stroke, but the other one can't reach!

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Old Romance

Submitted by christopher winnen on Tue, the 18th of November, 2003, 5:01 pm

An older couple was lying in bed one night. The husband was
falling asleep, but the wife felt romantic and wanted to talk.

She said " You used to hold my hand when we were courting.
Wearily, he reached across, held her hand for a sceond, and
tried to get back to sleep.

A few moments later she said " Then you used to kiss me. Mildly...

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