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Leafs vs. Habs

Submitted by Pinkwonder on Sat, the 26th of March, 2005, 2:36 pm

One cold winter day a couple of kids were playing hockey on Lake
Ontario and a vicious dog ran up and started biting one of the
kids' legs. Thinking fast the other kids took his hockey stick
and started beating the dog until it was dead.

A news reporter for the Toronto Sun was walking by and saw the
entire incident and came runny up to the kids. He pulled out his
memo book and starts writing: " Little Leafs fan saves boy from
vicious dog. The boy said, " I'm not a Leaf fan.

The reporter said, " Oh since you lived in Toronto I just figured
you were, and crosses out what he had written and started to
write again: " Little Blue Jays fan saves boy from vicious dog.
And again the boy said, " I'm not a Blue Jay's fan.

The reporter thinks for a minute and said, " Oh since you live in
Toronto I figured you were either a Jays fan or a Leafs fan, who
do you cheer for? The boy replied, " I'm a Habs fan. So the
reporter flipped to a different page and started to write:
" Little French bastard kills beloved family pet.

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