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Submitted by illiane on Wed, the 6th of December, 2000, 12:27 am

Whats Afganastans contry bird???


Wuts the vacation plan if you go to Afganastan???

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3 Short Jokes

Submitted by Nikki H on Wed, the 6th of December, 2000, 8:28 am

Why did the dumb blonde bring Rogaine to the woods?
Because she heard there were bald eagles there.

Why did the dumb blonde bring rogaine in her canoe?...

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Top 10 Titles for Dubya's Biography

Submitted by Steven J Deceilio on Wed, the 13th of February, 2002, 3:49 pm

1 0. My Life, Emptier Than the Beer Cans at the Bottom of My Car
9. My Life in a 1 0 oz Bag
8. The Things I've Done has President in a Couple of Lines
7. Waking Up in my Own Vomit
6. I Hate my...

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Submitted by Tristan T Connolly on Tue, the 9th of July, 2002, 2:54 pm

there is a deodorant called ( tali ) ban. because YOU are a
stinking terrorist!...

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Terrorism Coalition Cafe

Submitted by Goldberg Exterminator on Sun, the 24th of October, 2004, 2:26 pm


Israeli good cheeseburger $ 2. 0
( comes with swiss cheese to give the pretense of neutrality.

Iraqi Ribs ( SADDAM good ) $ 1 3. 5
( made from real Iraqi's, these ribs are really lean & all rib
dinners come with a Pakisani-nap for cleanup.

Ghaza Strips ( Chicken Strips ) $ 5. 5
( delicious chicken strips served to the table next to you- You
have to take them back.

Saute Arabian ( just what it says ) $ 5. 5
( Iran across a...

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Osama Lala's

Submitted by Aimee C Goldberg on Fri, the 21st of December, 2001, 5:55 pm

What do Osama's men say after he gets real drunk and has a wild
Osama's Bin Lala

What is Osama spelled backwards sound like?
Amaso ( I'm asshole )

THE TALIBAN SONG ( sung to the song of Proud to be American )

Oh we control the country,
From the caves to the city,
We stand for buttheadism,...

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Almost Caught Bin Laden

Submitted by leilah on Tue, the 8th of April, 2003, 9:54 am

We almost caught Osama Bin Laden today. They sprayed the
recently developed " Liquid Viagra " all over the mountains and
inside the caves in Afghanistan and the little prick stood up.

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Clinton's Back!

Submitted by Anita Bath on Sun, the 27th of October, 2002, 3:09 pm

Knock Knock..........

Who's there?


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Clinton and Bush talk

Submitted by Alex N Pimentel on Thu, the 8th of May, 2003, 11:42 am

What did Clinton say to Bush on the way out of White House?


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Submitted by Lisa M Hayden on Sun, the 28th of November, 2004, 4:50 am

You may be a republican if:

- You think " proletariat " is a type of cheese.

- You've named your kids " Deduction one " and " Deduction two "

- You've tried to argue that poverty could be abolished if
people were just allowed to keep more of their minimum wage.

- You've ever referred to someone as " my ( insert racial or
ethnic minority here ) friend "

- You've ever tried to prove Jesus was a capitalist and opposed
to welfare.

- You're a pro-lifer, but support the death penalty.

- You think Huey Newton is a cookie.

- The only union you support is the Baseball Players, because
heck, they're richer than you.

- You think you might remember laughing once as a kid.

- You once broke loose at a party and removed your neck tie.

- You call mall rent-a-cops " jack-booted thugs.

- You've ever referred to the moral fiber of something.

- You've ever uttered the phrase, " Why don't we just bomb the
sons of bitches.

- You've ever said, " I can't wait to get into business school.

- You've ever called a secretary or waitress " Tootsie.

- You answer to " The Man.

- You don't think " The Simpsons " is all that funny, but you
watch it because that Flanders fellow makes a lot of sense.

- You fax the FBI a list of " Commies in my Neighborhood.

- You don't let your kids watch Sesame Street because you accuse...

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